Personal (Face to Face) Interview

Personal (Face to Face) Interview

It is one of the most popular methods on the Ukrainian market of sociological and marketing services. It allows collecting quantitative data through the direct interviewer communication with the respondent according to a structured questionnaire.

Depending on the character of accessibility of the target audience, the poll, with the using of personal interviews methods, can be conducted in specific outlets, at the working place or residence of the respondents and on the street.

Face to face interview can be used for:

  • Determination of the level of brand awareness, of the personal popularity, politician, the party brand, etc.;
  • Analysis of advertising campaigns effectiveness;
  • Identification of the optimal price of a new good or service;
  • Investigation of the consumer/electoral behavior;
  • Segmenting the respondents as the consumers according to the various characteristics;
  • Identification of hidden factors of the customers’ behavior;
  • Assessment of the basic marketing figures such as: market size, market volume, market share that falling to the
  • Client’s company or on his competitors, etc.
  • Identification of the media preferences of consumers.

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