Marketing support

An experienced marketing department, which is a whole, worked team from the head of the group (strategist), analysts and designers. Learn more >>


Media Support and PR

Our company is able to help with the creation of TV programs, videos, stories, movies with their further publication in the mass media. Learn more >>


Guerrilla Marketing

Low-budget marketing activities that allow effective promotion of goods and services on the market. Learn more >>



We are operating on development of the new product brands, its promotion on the market and ensure consumers loyalty. Learn more >>


Advertising Design

Creating of harmonious and effective visual solutions is our main task in the field of graphic design. Learn more >>


Bringing to market a new product

Market launch of the new product is accompanied by a set of activities related to informing the target groups about the product and its promotion. Learn more >>

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is the fundamental basis, without which it cannot function fully and to develop any company whose activity is based on the sales of its products or services.
The choice of marketing strategy is the first thing that is taken by top management of the company after careful study and exhaustive analysis of the market. That is why advertising strategy development never begins the process of our cooperation with the client. It serves as a logical continuation of the extensive monitoring and research. If the market analysis provides an answer to the questions: “What to sell?” and “Where to sell?” the marketing strategy answers the question: “How to sell?”.
The results of an effective marketing strategy:

  • Strengthening the company’s position in the market
  • Increase market share
  • Increase in the number of loyal customers/consumers sales
  • Growth in comparison with the competitors and the market average entering new markets
  • Expanding the geography of sales of the marketing of new

Successful products and services of Ukrainian sociological standard has experience in the development and the effective implementation of marketing strategies for FMCG markets and many other markets of Ukraine. Specialists of the Center for marketing technology always pick the right and most effective marketing concept, is able to realize the most ambitious development strategy.