About company

About company

“Ukrainian sociological standard” – marketing company

UkrSocStandart was founded in 2007 in Kharkov. During his time in the market of marketing and sociological research, the marketing company “Ukrainian Sociological Standard” has established itself as one of the leading agencies in the field of sociological and marketing research in the region, a stable “media-irritant” whose ratings are regularly asked mass media. In many respects this became possible due to the effectiveness and accuracy of our work in the field of marketing analysis, as well as a number of other competitive advantages.

In 2009, the founders and leaders of the projects of the UkrSocStandart have set themselves the goal of establishing the practical application of the theoretical tools obtained through the Kharkov Sociological School in the face of the realities of the sociological and marketing research market throughout the country. As a result, it became possible to produce a number of research projects outside Kharkov in a short period of time.

Today we can say that extensive experience in conducting regional (urban) and interregional research has become a hallmark of our marketing company. Up to 80% of the research projects in our portfolio have been for research in large cities of Ukraine, such as Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnieper, Odessa, Zaporozhye, etc.

UkrSocStandart  is an experienced marketing company specializing in the analysis of commodity markets, consumer behavior and competitive environment, conducting marketing and social and political research of the broadest profile, conducting field research stages for marketing departments, creating and Promotion of brands, development of marketing strategies and conducting advertising campaigns, b2b marketing and direct marketing, advertising design and much more.

Our mission

  • support of representatives of domestic business by giving accuracy to their solutions;
  • modernization of the market of marketing services by conducting information campaigns;
  • our marketing company promotes the institutions of public policy in the development of effective democracy in Ukraine.

Philosophy of the Ukrainian Sociological Standard – professionalism is above all, because in our hands the fate of what the client values.


Denis Podyachev
Director and project manager, sociologist and marketer, PhD in Political sciences
Ekaterina Goncharova
Quantitative Research Manager, Marketing Analyst
Anna Kolesova
Qualitative Research Manager, Focus Group Moderator
Olga Turchynskaya
External Communications Manager
Taras Danko
Scientific marketing consultant, PhD in Economic sciences, Associate Professor NTU “KhPI”