Geomarketing research

Geomarketing research is the research that allow us to estimate the prospects of selling at any location of the city. Learn more >>


Desk research market

The desktop market research is sociological method or marketing research that based on analysis of the obtained primary data and analysis of secondary information. Learn more >>


Field Research of the Market

Field research of the market is a term that usually identifies the work on collecting of the raw data for conducting the market analysis outside the office. Learn more >>


In-hall Tests

In-hall test is a testing by respondents of the product, its name, packaging, advertisements, sales promotion concepts, interior space, etc. Learn more >>


Panel Study

A key feature of the panels is that they are formed from the members, who were previously chosen with the help of any data collection method or special ad-hoc studies. Learn more >>


Omnibus research

Omnibus research is sociological or marketing researches, conducting for several clients at a time. Learn more >>


Telephone Interview (CATI)

The most important advantage of CATI surveys is their lower cost in comparison with personal interviews, but they also have the more modest possibility. Learn more >>


In-Depth Interview

This method is presented as an informal private conversation, that conducts by interviewer in accordance with the pre-planned scenario. Learn more >>


Expert Interview

Expert Interview is performed, in essence, as a type of in-depth interviews. As an experts can be introduced specialists, who study the subject. Learn more >>



The main idea of the method consists in the possibility for the participants of specially selected group of 8-10 people to speak out in turn, in the framework of the focus-groups scenario. Learn more >>


Online Surveys

This method involves publication on the Internet of the questionnaire with an open or special access that can be filled online by the target group from the PC in any comfortable place. Learn more >>


Personal (Face to Face) Interview

Method allows collecting quantitative data through the direct interviewer communication with the respondent according to a structured questionnaire. Learn more >>


Secret Shopper

Mystery shopper is a marketing technique that consists in the fact that a person comes to the point of selling goods or services, and passed off as a real buyer. Learn more >>

Standard services with the use of quantitative research methods target groups (consumers, voters, etc.)

Quantitative methods are based on surveys of a certain number of respondents, which allows to obtain the numerical value of the investigated variables, parameters and characteristics. Expressed in opinion polls.

The basis of the quantitative research methods are mathematical and statistical models. A distinctive feature of the research of this type is a distinct format of primary data collection: the required number of respondents answering the same questions in the same order according to the questionnaire.

Ukrainian sociological standard” provides quantitative research on the territory of Ukraine. Specializing in regional surveys on the scale of major cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk, and regions of the country, we have supervisors and networks of interviewers in all major regional centers.