Panel Study

Panel Study

A key feature of the panels is that they are formed from the members, who were previously chosen with the help of any data collection method (it can be street, phone or online survey) or special ad-hoc studies. At the same time experimental research centers can afford to gain panels from respondents, who are participating in panel polls strictly on the same issues.

The advantages of this method are:

  1. Profitability due to the absence of recruitment expenses (as a result of respondents involvement);
  2. Reliability of displayed results;
  3. If the study exactly repeats the methodology of the previous ad-hoc projects, it provides possibility for the integrity of experiment and/or obtaining accurate data about dynamics.

Not everyone knows that in reality the most effective, according to the validity selection, Internet polls presented by respondent’s panel, which were recruited with the help of telephone method and intended to fill previously posted in the Internet questionnaire. The method that is used for such researches is called offline Internet poll (a survey, based on offline chosen selection).

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