In-hall Tests

In-hall Tests

The derivation process of a new product/TM/brand on the market or the modernization of the old one brings up a question of the necessity of its testing, aiming to identify strengths and weaknesses of the product and to determine if it capable to satisfy the needs of its target audience.

Timely corrected taste, appearance, product/TM/brand positioning allows our Clients to avoid the expenses on start up of items that won’t be popular among potential customers. To this end, the research company has the opportunity to test the product on the target audience. In this case it can be used different testing methods, and the Client will have opportunity to observe the process of the survey. The most common method among such types of testing is an in-hall test.

In-hall test is a testing by respondents of the product, its name, packaging, advertisements, sales promotion concepts, interior space, etc. This process is followed by filling in the questionnaire which allows to examine the perception of this product by respondents, and to assess the reasonable price of the test product.

If goods are examined for taste, it makes sense to conduct a “blind test”, the main difference of which lies in the fact that the respondents won’t be able to know beforehand the name of the tested product. This is done in order to eliminate the influence of trademark on the test results, if it is necessary for the solving of the purposes of testing.

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