Geomarketing research

Geomarketing research

Geomarketing research is the research that allow us to estimate the prospects of selling at any location of the city. If Your goal is to determine the location of the store, You simply can not do without an analysis of the locations. The next step after the selection of location is the sales forecast.

Used by specialists of Ukrainian sociological standard of the author’s method has proved in practice to an unprecedented accuracy of prediction with an error of 10% our portfolio contains an extensive list of geomarketing research:

  • Analysis of the limited number of retail facilities – grocery supermarkets in Kharkiv;
  • Analysis of the limited number of fitness clubs in Kharkov;
  • Analysis of the limited number of sewing Atelier in Kharkov;
  • Measurement of the traffic (traffic) of large shopping centers in Kharkiv;
  • Measurement of the traffic (traffic) network of shops of children’s goods in city Dnepropetrovsk;
    Analysis of prospective trade of objects of different formats in such Ukrainian cities as Kiev, Kharkov,
  • Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Poltava, Kremenchug, Cherkassy, Kirovograd, etc.;
  • feasibility study of the project of construction of the wholesale market of agricultural products in Cherkassy region (Ukraine);
  • Preparation of sales plans and investment indicators kiosks format network cooking (fast food) in all areas of Kharkov.

Geomarketing study helps to determine the most favorable location commercial properties: shops, shopping malls, sales offices, mobile shops, billboards, placement of promotional points and so on.

The Peculiarity of this kind of research is a special survey of the location.

Location is the intersection of several pedestrian and/or automobile routes, each of which has its own specifics with a pass of the flow (traffic) and its objective function. The approximate radius of a location is 0.5 km away.
The Study of the prospects of trading locations certainly involves measurements of pedestrian and/or traffic flows (pedestrian and/or autotrophica) with the mandatory allocation of the target audience of the Customer’s business (CA) by major age-sex groups.

Applied by our specialists on monitoring flows unique in Ukraine the methodology has repeatedly proved its high accuracy in forecasting the financial performance of commercial facilities.

If You ordered a geomarketing study in Ukrainian sociological standard, you probably will be able to better build a business plan, properly equip commercial property, choose a proper positioning strategy, to determine an optimum schedule of outlets to keep winning menu and stuff. Ultimately – it’s Your advantage over your competitors!

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