Фокус-группа в КиевеThe most popular method of getting high-quality information for today is the method of focus-group interviews (focus-groups). The main idea of the method consists in the possibility for the participants of specially selected group of 8-10 people to speak out in turn, in the framework of the focus-groups scenario.

Facilities of the method allow revealing the group dynamics, because each focus-group member, while answering on the moderators questions, is able to discuss the subject of the conversation. Because of that the method is often called discussions focus-group.

It is common knowledge that with the competent work of master (moderator) a limited group is able to generate of a considerable amount of various qualitative information. This data is required by the researcher for the different objectives, which can be solved individually with the help of qualitative methods that were described above.

The company “Ukrainian Sociology Standard” offers services on conducting focus-groups in different cities of Ukraine. (099) 567 34 87; (098) 632 49 79

It is commonly believed that the tasks, which this method allows to solve, are comparable with the tasks of in-depth interviews. That is why marketers of local companies often mistakenly tended to the in-depth interviews methods in cases where a focus-group can be more effective, or vice versa, to the method of focus -groups, in cases, where it would be wiser to hold a series of in-depth interviews. Anyway, before ordering marketing research of this type is necessary to contact the market research agency and to consult beforehand with the manager who will lead the project. Centers, that provides professional marketing services always regard as of paramount importance Clients’ interests.

The same happens in cases, when the application in the frame of the research project, to use a single method or technique is not enough. Often, for the Client, who need marketing analytics it is necessary to provide a complex research of the market. It requires a combination of methods and techniques. Comparable, for the objectives and tasks, architecture of this combination can be correctly made only by an experienced researcher.

Specializing on the full-scale researches of megacities, “Ukrainian Sociological Standard” offers a voluminous database of focus-group participants. It allows us not to ask our Clients to pay sky-high price for the “recruiting participants” services, which gives the opportunity to eventually provide the service at a relatively low price, without reducing of the quality. In addition, we have platforms for conducting focus-groups in such cities as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv, and also opportunities of attracting local moderators.

Types of focus groups

According to the amount of participants:

  1. Standard focus-group (from 6 to 12 people);
  2. Mini focus-group (4-5 members).

According to the amount of sessions:

  1. Single-session focus-group;
  2. Multisession focus-groups.

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