Field Research of the Market

Field Research of the Market

Field research of the market is a term that usually identifies the work on collecting of the raw data for conducting the market analysis outside the office: on the street, in shopping centers, at the domicile or at work of the respondents. Telephone interviews and Internet surveys also refer to the field research.

In most cases, field researches is a part of a wider market research, that is why the term “field stage” is often used in marketing.

Methods of field stage of research

  • Street, door-, internet and telephone survey;
  • Collecting information on the representation of the goods, prices, expiration dates, etc.;
  • The work of the “mystery shopper”;
  • Monitoring of advertising media;
  • Measurement of passenger traffic and streams of people on the streets;
  • Gathering information about the state of public facilities and places.

“Ukrainian Sociological Standard” is a company that has extensive experience on conducting field stages of market research in Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhia and in the other cities. A distinctive feature of our company is that we are not afraid to take on projects in the most distant cities of Ukraine. We conducted field researches in Brovary, Druzhkovka, Kramatorsk, Alchevsk, and many other small towns of Ukraine.

Commercial proposal for conducting the field stage of research

The company “Ukrainian Sociological Standard” is a company that provides a wide range of research services of a full cycle. But it happens, that for the Client it enough to get a database of primary collected information, and the preparation of the report and conclusions of the research could be carried by manager or marketer, who is working in the Client’s company. In this case, we can take in functions that could be performed by internal field department (division) of the Client, the field outsourcing. We are able, if it is necessary, to perform the function of the marketing department for your organization (marketing outsourcing).
Полевые исследования

This means that we can organize and conduct any field research and get the primary information which would correspond to the set goals and objectives. The geography of our company covers the whole territory of Ukraine. On the beginning our specialists provides the trainings for supervisors aimed to bring up to them the details of the project. Throughout the project, our staff will coordinate the work of supervisors.

Objectivity and accuracy of the data is provided by the precisely adjusted monitoring system. From the quality of provided controlling procedure largely depends the scale of different kinds of offsets that invariably accompanying marketing information.

Before sending the materials to the central office all received questionnaires are pre-tested. In the central office all 100% of the questionnaires are liable to the logical testing. Every third or fourth questionnaire is liable to checking by the monitoring group, which carries out a selective respondents’ phoning and/or visit their places of residence.

The probability of falling into array of falsified, at the field stage of the research, questionnaires is reduced to zero with the help of available opportunities of software at the stage of computer processing. Even if the “problematic route job” was found on the last stage, the replacement of which is particularly inconvenient, our experts use the spare time in accordance with previously planned project schedule.

In case of falsification detection, to which you always have to be ready in view of the “human factor”, the “problematic questionnaires” are rejected. In their place would be conducted other interviews, that corresponds to the route and quotas. As for the notorious “human factor”, our estimators assume that it is better to prevent falsification by establishment of adequate cost value for a single questionnaire, than solve unnecessary problems in future. Only this way the volume of “problematic questionnaires” will never exceed the optimal and digestible 5-10%.

Of course, described above controlling procedures can be used in the case, if the Client decides to order a full-range of sociological and marketing research “turnkey”. Moreover, it is important to remember that scientists basically proved preferences of the case, in which all stages of the project, from the development of the research and implementation of a field stage up to the analysis are going under the auspices of the same researcher, the project manager.

It does not matter how talented the marketer of the company is, his experience is ten time smaller, on a background of the experienced manager from the marketing research agency, not just in a part of field stages’ conducting, but also in analyzing the primary data.

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