Telephone Interview (CATI)

Telephone Interview (CATI)

One of the methods of collecting quantitative data, in which the interviewer and the respondent’s communication occurs by means of a structured questionnaire on telephone with the length up to 15 minutes. In general, this method allows getting data with reference to the most indicators that are studied as a part of personal and online surveys, such as:

  1. The level of brand (trademark) recognition and the loyalty degree;
  2. Frequency of consumption of the goods of certain brands;
  3. The degree of advertising memorability;
  4. The effectiveness of promotional activities and so forth.

The method is easy to use during the survey of individuals (population) and legal entities (organizations), representatives of particular employed target groups (entrepreneurs) and households (through the use of numbers of fixed line). This all possible with the help of main advantage, that consists in the fast speed of collecting and processing information.

The most important advantage of CATI surveys is their lower cost in comparison with personal interviews, but they also have the more modest possibility. Questionnaire of a telephone survey should be brief and laconic in wording, because, in essence, the phone method as, for example, a street survey, refers to express methods.

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