Bringing to market a new product

Bringing to market a new product

Market launch of the new product is accompanied by a set of activities related to informing the target groups about the product and its promotion. This package of measures is often simplistically referred to as “advertising campaign”. From its competent conduct depends largely on the successful implementation of the marketing strategy (and business strategy).

It is important not to forget that the need for an advertising campaign be dictated by results of preliminary analytical stage. By this time should be made:

  • Market Research on the elasticity of demand and the likely competitive environment
  • Highlighting the competitive advantages of the product
  • Segmentation
  • Pricing
  • Development incentive programs for dealers and distributors
  • Development of creative marketing concepts to inform the consumer about the product and its competitive advantages
  • Formulation of the foundations of brand positioning and strategy development to increase the importance of the brand to the consumer.

Already at the stage of realization of creative and effective marketing product concepts important for the optimal selection of instruments appeal to the consumer (channels of communication, of media, of advertising space). We not only follow the trends in communications and advertising, but always ready to offer the Customer a totally new tools to inform consumers about the product – so that they by the effect of novelty most conveyed the essence of the action, not “zamylivaya eyes”.

The possibility of “Ukrainian sociological standard” in advertising campaigns allow us to provide a range of services for the use of both ATL and BTL resources. Our distinctive feature is the ability to manage a modest budget with the help of point events (as part of a strategy of “guerrilla marketing”).

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