A new product (goods and services) often needs new brands. We are operating on development of the new product brands, its promotion on the market and ensure consumers loyalty. The package of measures for promotion of the new brand (branding) starting from the next set of creative solutions:

  • Development of the name of TM (naming), that guarantee its uniqueness, simplicity of memorizing and positive association in the customers mind.
  • Creation of brandbook (logo, corporate identity) that infer the development of the optimal visualization of TM, which, in conjunction with the name, provide the best memorizing and recognition;
  • Development of advertising slogan, that includes the name of the product and the concept that it should bring to the customer.

In case of already existing commercial brands or noncommercial brands that needs “reset” (for example, it come under the objects of so-called “territorial branding”). All creative solutions, mentioned before, often needed in case of rebranding and restyling:

  • Rebranding is the process of brand changing that involves profound change on the level of the brands ideology.
  • Restyling is the process of changing brand attributes while maintaining the consumptions ideology.

The overwhelming majority of changes in brand, that called rebranding, usually stay away from it. Rebranding is a profound change in brand, when it starts to focus on another idea or different audience. But restyling is a brand’s change that consists in bringing into line with already changed stereotypes, which the consumer has, with respect to part of the brand’s ideology.

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