Ukrainian sociological Internet marketing company

“Ukrainian sociological standard” was founded in 2007 in Kharkov. While working in the marketing and sociological research, marketing company “Ukrainian sociological standard” has established itself as one of the leading agencies in the field of sociological and marketing research in the region, stable media stimulus” whose ratings are regularly interested in the media. In many ways, this has become possible due to the efficiency and accuracy of our work in the field of marketing analysis, and a number of other competitive advantages.

in 2009 the founders and leaders of the project “Ukrainian sociological standard” aims to promote practical application of theoretical tools, obtained through Kharkiv sociological school, in terms of the sociological realities of the market and marketing research in the en


Denis Podyachev

director and project manager, sociologist and marketer, candidate of political sciences

Katharine Goncharova

quantitative research manager, marketer

Anna Kolesova

qualitative research manager, focus group moderator

Olga Turchinskaya

external relations manager

Taras Danko

scientific consultant for marketing, candidate of economic sciences, associate professor "NTU" KhPI ""