Desk research market

Desk research market

The desktop market research is sociological method or marketing research that based on analysis of the obtained primary data and analysis of secondary information. It is on a Desk review of off-field, secondary data is often based daily work marketer. Based on the results of the analysis of secondary data it is recommended to establish the tools of descriptive studies designed to obtain new, primary information.

All the previously presented methods of sociological or marketing studies rely on the analysis of the obtained primary data. But you must consider that marketing, or any other analytical activity may be based on off-field or Desk data based on secondary information, i.e. information from other sources.

Generally, armchair methods analysis is divided into a single method DESK RESEARCH. This type of market research conducted on the basis of the study and analysis of internal and external research publications and materials is often a ready market analysis. Can act as an independent type of market research, but at the same time, often carried out at the preliminary stage of other types of research.

Task DESK RESEARCH is to obtain information on key marketing indicators of the market or line of business of the Customer. Armchair analysis provides a comprehensive picture of the status, for example, another market products or services. With it, we study the prospects for the development of the market volume and market structure, market conditions, competitive environment, etc.

Sources of information for DESK-RESEARCH can be:

  • internet sources include various publications, information resources insiders, the statements in the forums, etc.;
  • print media;
  • government publications and materials, program development, information on budgets and public expenditure;
  • reports of other research agencies on research data about consumer behavior, syndicated research data;
  • the legislation of different levels;
  • databases;
  • data statistical authorities.

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