Marketing support for your business

Marketing support for your business

Our customers often describe the following issue. Employed by the marketer staff member has languished in a rut armchair analysts, without the ability to strategic vision or simply not having the necessary experience. The guide puts all new ambitious targets and sales figures if and grow, it is clear that no efforts of the marketing Department.

Such is often a consequence or a distorted impression of the head on the functions of the marketing Department (of the most common misconceptions is that the marketing Department should be spent properly marketing tool, and nothing more). What the marketing Department is bound to influence the vision of the company’s management, to act as the system unit, ready to admit yet few. The problems are not solved, the leadership, not feeling the proverbial “efficiency” cut in the Fund’s marketing costs or at all to fire the marketing Department. After years of looking for a mythical semi-divine marketing that can spread the development ideas and tools to implement them.

It is just not decided by the size of the salary of a marketing Manager and are not necessarily decided by the size of the Fund on marketing investment, while decision-makers should remember that the greater effect often involves large costs. Experience, the ability to have a strategic vision and generate ideas based on the most relevant tools impact on consumers. In modern conditions many heads of businesses have increasingly begun to understand that all of these largely has only a marketing Agency.

The Center for marketing technology “The Ukrainian sociological standard”, being regularly involved in research in various markets, has an understanding of trends in consumer behavior. This allows us to perform the functions of the marketing Department for campaigns that focus on both B2C and B2B markets.

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